Monday, March 04, 2013

Out & About on the Upper West Side

For one of our nights out in New York, we got dressed up for a night on the town. 
Since our hotel was on the Upper West Side near Central Park, 
we decided to stay local and find some great places to hang out.  
And although our first twenty steps out of our hotel room were yelled at by a frightening homeless man, we just kept going and thought perhaps that was the norm in the big biggest city...
We had dinner at a great restaurant called 'Santa Fe.' Then we headed off to 'The Smith' for a couple of drinks before finding a great place to hang out called the 'Emerald Inn'.  These amazing bartenders who were from Ireland were so nice to us and wouldn't stop telling us that we needed to visit the "motherland".  Andrea and I have added it onto our list of places we need to visit together.
Overall, it was a great night out in New York.

The Hotel Empire

Andrea in front of her restaurant "The Smith".

Me & Andrea all dressed up ready to head out for dinner.

Andrea the beautiful.

Enjoying some "Smith" Brews.

Me & Andrea waving at the news anchors at ABC.  
They thought we were pretty funny. :)


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