Sunday, March 31, 2013

Darren's 30th Birthday

 I was so glad I got to celebrate Darren's milestone 30th birthday with him in Pensacola.  We had so much fun relaxing on a vacation and sharing time together.  It was a bummer that the weather on his actual birthday, the 23rd, wasn't so great.  But we still found fun things to do. We had a fun day discovering the area of Penscola beach, had some great pizza and did some tourist shopping. We found an amazing vegetarian restaurant called 'Sluggo's' to go to in downtown Pensacola. We also had quite an adventure looking for a bowling alley that we would want to go to.  Overall it was a fun day and I was so glad to share the day with him.

Heading out for some adventures.

The not so great weather. Although it was nice and warm out.

Ready to head out to dinner.


Darren playing pretty good for an 'old guy'. :)

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