Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Fun

Easter came so quickly this year! can't believe its already here.  Lucian had a lot of fun doing Easter egg hunts with his friends Quinn and Jacob. I love Easter because it means the start of Spring and gives meaning to life.  Easter egg hunts were always my favorite when I was little so it was so fun to do them with Lucian too.  I've included some cute photos of my family and niece.  My mom and Amber went out to pick out a special dress for Roslyn just for Easter.  She is growing up so fast!!!

Lucian having so much fun finding eggs.
Searching, searching, searching.

Enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful Spring day.

My beautiful niece on her first Easter.

My mom, brother, niece, and puppy back home sending me all their love on Easter.

Me & Lucian having a wonderful Easter.

A Little More South for the NW Man

It was quite hard to have to leave the perfect beaches of Pensacola. But alas, life must go on outside of paradise. We went through Auburn on our way back to Atlanta. We decided to give ourselves a tour around Auburn University.  It was a beautiful campus and a perfect place to stop on the way back. We even found the Theta Chi fraternity, which my brother belongs to at WSU.

 We also had a fun last day at the Fernbank Natural History museum. Lucian loves to go there because he is quite fascinated with dinosaurs.  I think it also made Darren super excited about dinos because he couldn't stop talking about them afterwards. It was so fun watching Darren's interactions with Lucian. It really just reaffirmed for me how much of a great dad Darren is going to be. 

Auburn University at Sunset.

The famed football stadium.

The Theta Chi Fraternity at Auburn.

Darren & Lucian checking out the Stegosaurus.

Look those archaeologists found some bones!! Fossils!!

Cutest dinosaurs I've ever seen.

 The Brachiosaurus.

Another Day in Paradise

The next morning the sun came out and we basked in all it's glory. It was as if the tourists all came out of nowhere.  Everyone was so happy at how warm it was and it felt amazing outside.  The temperature got up to about 78* and we celebrated with some Pina Coladas and soaked up as much sun as we could.  It was truly another day in paradise.

This is what we woke up to.

Enjoying the white sand beaches.

Darren braving the un-heated pool.

Perfect day for a Pina Colada.

Enjoying the beach.

The beaches go on for miles.

What a perfect day.

Darren's 30th Birthday

 I was so glad I got to celebrate Darren's milestone 30th birthday with him in Pensacola.  We had so much fun relaxing on a vacation and sharing time together.  It was a bummer that the weather on his actual birthday, the 23rd, wasn't so great.  But we still found fun things to do. We had a fun day discovering the area of Penscola beach, had some great pizza and did some tourist shopping. We found an amazing vegetarian restaurant called 'Sluggo's' to go to in downtown Pensacola. We also had quite an adventure looking for a bowling alley that we would want to go to.  Overall it was a fun day and I was so glad to share the day with him.

Heading out for some adventures.

The not so great weather. Although it was nice and warm out.

Ready to head out to dinner.


Darren playing pretty good for an 'old guy'. :)

Welcome to Pensacola

Darren and I headed to Pensacola for a long weekend.  It was the perfect weekend because we got to be on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico to celebrate Darren's 30th birthday. We took off on Thursday night and headed south from Atlanta through Montgomery, Alabama.  It was our first time being in Alabama, so it was a fun thing to cross off our Bucketlist. We were so glad when we woke up Friday morning and were at the beautiful beach. Although it was very windy, the white sand beaches were amazing to behold.  We also headed west on Pensacola Beach Island to visit Fort Pickens, which is an old United States military fort. After the fort we settled into our hotel on the beach and headed out for  a romantic dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

We enjoyed long walks on the beach.

Felt so good to have the sand between our toes.

Welcome to Paradise in Pensacola

Enjoying Fort Pickens.

Showing off the big guns.

View from the top - We got lucky - Top Floor room 1109.

Enjoying the beaches near Fort Pickens.

 We never wanted to leave.

A Wonderful Day at the Zoo

We had an amazing day at the Zoo! All of the animals were out and about enjoying the wonderful Spring weather.  It was a fun day shared with my two favorite guys.
My favorite animal that we saw was definitely the panda bears.
Po the baby panda was there playing around.

Elephants gnawing on some bamboo.

The three of us.

The cute otters.

The beautiful Tigers.

Lucian and me with the Flamingos.

The cutest Meer Cats at the Zoo.

Petting zoo fun with the goats.

Slithering Snakes.

Enjoying the zoo.

Po the Panda, climbing around.

Lucian and Darren enjoying the beautiful Spring day.

Look Who Came to Visit

I was so excited when Darren had gotten his ticket to come visit me in Atlanta.  He traveled all the way across the country to come see me. I was super excited of the timing he came to visit because it meant I would get to celebrate his 30th birthday with him.  It also meant that no month has gone by in the whole time since I've been in Atlanta that we haven't seen each other. I love this man so much and any chance I can get to share time with him is greatly appreciated.  These are some pics from our time around Atlanta.

Showing Darren around Chastain Park.

Swinging at Morgan Falls Park.

So excited to see him.

Going for a walk in the beautiful weather.

Date Night - Mexican Food & Margaritas

Building the biggest mountain ever!!!

Pool Party.

So excited to be together again.