Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finnick Odair

Finnick was who I dreamt about during Catching Fire.  I wasn't too attached to any male characters after Hunger Games.  Especially since I knew Gale was only second fiddle..  But don't get me wrong I still love me some Gale. However, Finnick really stole my heart.  Not only is he a badass, hes hot, carries a triton, and is usually not wearing much.  My numero uno for finnick has always been Garret Hedlund.
 He's charming, looks good without his shirt on. Is old enough to play Finnick, and did I mention he's got the perfect look...

However, I've been hearing lots about this Sam Caflin kid..  He seems like a nice guy but I'm not quite sure if he's my Finnick.  I think I imgained a more older looking, muscular, Finnick.  Caflin seems quite thin.  But he is adorable too.  Props to him if he gets it.

Hair Extensions - $60

Hello There my supposed readers.  I wanted to share with you about my new extensions.  I was able to get them done for about $60.  I found an awesome seller of micro beads, and of real remy human hair extensions. And with the help of my dear boyfriend, I got some real real long hair for the price of only $60.  Which seems unreal because the cheapest you could get them in a salon is probably around $600.00
The type of extensions we did were Cold Fusion Mirco Bead Extensions.
Meaning that I bought 100 i-tip extensions that slide into micro beads. 
Once clasped down with pliers, the are in there,
and insta long beautiful hair...
I got pretty lucky because my extensions were pretty near perfect for color matching.
Let me know what you think. xoxo -S

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cross Bracelets

  There has been a fleeting obsession on pinterest lately for this fashion forward sideways cross bracelets.  And I'm in!! They are beautiful and its a great way to show u believe  I decided to order this skull and cross one from ebay.  I also saw a cute one at a boutique downtown I may go back and purchase.  But also a cute sideways gold cross necklace.  I may have to add that cross to my collection as well! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

My dream cast of Fifty Shades of Grey - 50 Shades of Grey
Ana & Christian

Anastasia Steele

Anastasia Steels is quite the woman.  She is capable of stealing Christian Grey's menacing heart.  And although her character seems to 'murmur' quite often in the book, stealing the screen from a Mr. Grey in the movie version is going to be a tough job, but the right actress must be out there.  My choices for Christian Grey are much more thorough and thought out on my part.  I think he is more important to all the women who want to see the movie.. However, the wrong Ana can ruin the movie...  Here is a list of my possible choices for a Miss Anastasia Steele:

  1. Emilia Clark
    • Although Emilia hasn't been in any blockbusters of yet, she is quite the scene stealer in Game of Thrones.  She looks the part of a young virginal college grad, but she steal seems sweet and sexy enough to catch the Mr. Grey

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Interlocking Initial Monogram

Monograms have become very popular lately.  I along with many ladies want one of the gold fabulous monogram necklaces.  I decided to start with just a simple one made in a word document.  One of my favorite bloggers, Blair Eadie wears hers often on http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com/  This version with the pearls is super cute!!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Christian Grey

 I've gotten caught up in the hype of Fifty Shades of Grey....  I find myself constantly thinking about Christian Grey... Just the other day in the Seattle airport I was looking for him.  But really, he would be either in Charlie Tango or his private jet so, whats the use..
All these 50 shades have made me really consider who they would cast for the movie...
Here are my top pics for Mr. Christian Grey:

1. Matt Bomer
  • Not only is he pure Grey perfection but he has those daring eyes and he doesn't mind taking his shirt off....
Good Evening Mr. Grey

2. Alexander Skarsgard

  • He is the one Vampire who is allowed to glamour me anytime he wants...  He would be a perfect dom, has an ominous air to him and he has had lots of sexy time on True Blood...
Those gray strong eyes.
 Be careful, he might want to paddle you.