Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Little More South for the NW Man

It was quite hard to have to leave the perfect beaches of Pensacola. But alas, life must go on outside of paradise. We went through Auburn on our way back to Atlanta. We decided to give ourselves a tour around Auburn University.  It was a beautiful campus and a perfect place to stop on the way back. We even found the Theta Chi fraternity, which my brother belongs to at WSU.

 We also had a fun last day at the Fernbank Natural History museum. Lucian loves to go there because he is quite fascinated with dinosaurs.  I think it also made Darren super excited about dinos because he couldn't stop talking about them afterwards. It was so fun watching Darren's interactions with Lucian. It really just reaffirmed for me how much of a great dad Darren is going to be. 

Auburn University at Sunset.

The famed football stadium.

The Theta Chi Fraternity at Auburn.

Darren & Lucian checking out the Stegosaurus.

Look those archaeologists found some bones!! Fossils!!

Cutest dinosaurs I've ever seen.

 The Brachiosaurus.

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