Monday, March 04, 2013

Back to Boston

After an amazing trip to New York, we headed back to Boston.
We were exhausted after seeing most of New York, so it was a relief to get back to where we started.
We watched the Superbowl back in Boston, but I wasn't too interested in much besides the headliner, Queen B. Beyonce rocked the show she even shut the whole game down for 30 minutes!
These are some of the pics from our last day together. 
We went walking down by the Charleston River, where Andrea likes to go running. 
Although it was freezing, it was such a beautiful area, and I would love to go there again when it is warmer and the trees are blooming.
Sharing time again with her was amazing.  She is such a great friend to me and I love her with all my heart. Whenever I'm with her I am happy and have no worries.  She has truly been a best friend to me since the first night that we met.

The walking path down to the Charleston River.

The frozen river.

Beautiful Scenery down by the river.

 Shazza & Dre.
Me & Andrea = BFF

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