Sunday, September 30, 2012

Talullah Gorge & Falls

Today, Sunday the 30th of Septemer, we are visiting North Eastern Georgia to see the beautiful Talullah Gorge & Falls. This was such a great place up in the mountains.  I think it really embodied the South.  It was very green, lush, and warm.  We had a fun time hiking up and down the thousand stairs in the park. We were sweaty by the end of it, but we got to have a great meal afterwards.

 At the base of the falls.

Near the top of the Gorge.
Tallulah Falls - one of the many parts of the falls.

 What a beautiful gorge.

 Lucian and me.

 The hiking trail continued on the other side of the river.


The stairs!!
Pretty walkway.
Love it.
Fall colors showing their beginning.
The gorgeous base of the hike.
Swinging bridge.
The cutest couple at the base of the falls.

Front porch swing at the restaurant.


These are a few photos that have been either inspiring me lately, or just making me smile.

My mom sent me this pic of an amazing sunset they watched - love the lake life!

 Snuggle Puppies.

Inspirational Green Tea.


 So excited for the game!

My duck I embroidered for Ross & Amber's baby girl - due in January.

So guilty.

Being artsy.

Aquarium Love

Lucian and I had the opportunity to go to the Georgia Aquarium last Thursday. We went with his two new friends Jacob and Shiv. I love this aquarium. I could just sit here for hours enjoying the serenity of the whale sharks & fish.

Dinosaurs Alive!

Last Wednesday Lucian and I went back to the Fernbank museum. We had fun seeing the dinosaurs and playing in the nature center again.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Today we went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  It was a gorgeous stroll through a lush garden with lots of different plants, flowers, and excited little boys. This was our first play date with Lucian's new friends Jacob and Shiv. We had a lot of fun.