Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday Beginnings

My birthday was on a Monday, so we decided to celebrate for the whole weekend. We headed to Eastern Washington in Chelan and spent some amazing time out on the lake enjoying the sunshine.

Me & Vinny

Taking in the view.

Sweet Spring ducklings.

My Arm Party

Handsome Fisherman

Beautiful Lake Views

May Happenings

May is here. Its the time of the year where we can get some amazing weather, but also have some wet dreary days as well.  May is fun because my birthday is on the 20th and I always love celebrating Mother's Day with my mom.

 Me and Vinny soaking up the sun.

Watching Game of Thrones - the infamous kiss with Jon Snow.

My Mother's Day picture - Great memories from our childhood.

A beautiful sunset.

Remembering the amazing beaches of Hawaii. Hoping to go back soon!

Tulip Festival

This was our fourth year to the Skagit Valley tulip festival together. Its become somewhat of a tradition. And although we actually missed seeing it in April this year, we still went.  There were still tulips out but not the plethora of fields filled with them.  This will have to do for this year because we can't break tradition!

Roslyn Mae has my Heart

I'm sure its every Aunt or Uncle that says they have the cutest niece/nephew around. But for me its true ;)  Roslyn Mae is the cutest little girl in the world.  She is now almost 5 months old and she is growing up way too fast!! Here are some pictures of the little beauty.

Roslyn and Me checking out the lake.

Toes in the sand with grandma.

Soaking up the sun.

With the proud papa, my brother Ross.

Roslyn playing with Uncle Darren's hair.

Watching the Sunset with Daddy

This little tot fills my heart with so much love and joy. 
I am so glad she came into our lives.

Back in the PNW

First week back in the PNW ! Coming back to Washington is always fun because I get to see my family, my loving boyfriend, my dog Vinny, amazing friends and enjoy the beauty that the Northwest is full of.

Me and Vinny walking on Taylor Dock in Bellingham.

This is pretty silly, but my mom made matching hats for me and Darren. :P

Reunited with my sweet niece Roslyn.

Roslyn talking to Vinny and Freija.

Roslyn and Me.

Mike and Freija enjoying the sunset.

Mike showing he is a student at Monsters Inc.

My sweet girl Roslyn. I am so infatuated with her.  I have always loved kids but having a baby in our family has been such a blessing. I love everything about her. Even the fact that she looks so much like my brother. ;)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hard To Say Goodbye

The hardest part about having to say goodbye to my time in Atlanta was saying goodbye to my German family. As their nanny I have become a part of their family and it's so hard to say goodbye.
 I will miss them everyday.

 Me, Vincent, & Lucian

Vincent and Me

Reading with Lucian and Vincent

One of our last days at the church playground in our neighborhood.

Lucian taking on his big brother role!

Lucian grew so quickly right in front of my eyes.
I'm going to miss seeing him everyday and enjoying our adventures 
to new parks and the adventure of learning. 
I feel so lucky to have been the nanny for such a sweet, smart, loving child.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Atlanta Spring

Spring like most seasons in Atlanta is so gorgeous. I think fall is still my favorite season there and Spring a close second. There is something so wonderful about being on the porch all day and the bright greens that grace the surroundings. It seems as though one day it just rained and then the next everything was glowing green! What a beautiful time of year!!

 Some reading on the porch.

Lucian and Jacob having some Play-doh time.

Watching the animals at the Chattahoochee Nature Center.

Silly Goose


Flowers in bloom at Chastain Park

The Beautiful Chattahoochee River

The boardwalk down to the river.

Out to dinner with my friend Jamie. Going to miss her!

Me, Jamie, and Jen out for some Margaritas.
Having to say goodbye to Atlanta is hard, 
especially since I have to say goodbye to amazing new friends.