Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Marietta Square

We had another fun playdate with Jacob and Nicholas in beautiful Historic Marietta Square.  This is in Marietta in the old historic district.  It reminded me so much of Fairhaven back home in Washington. The square was decorated with cute Christmas decorations, bows, garland, and even a stage where Santa sometimes comes to visit.  We loved playing in the fountain and on the train.

The fabulous Fountain in Marietta Square.

Some Holiday cheer in Marietta

The 'Gone with the Wind' museum in Marietta.
Although the movie is set in Georgia, not a single shot was actually filmed here.
 Every single scene was filmed in California! Oh, Hollywood!

Marietta Square Fountain

Jacob and Lucian enjoying the Train.

Choo Choo!!!

Back in ATL

It was so much fun to be home again and see everyone. Especially Darren, my mom & Vinny. But I am happy to be back in the ATL. I missed Lucian and my German family very much. Also, I really missed the sunshine.  :)

Another sunny day at the playground.

The last of the leaves still holding on.


 A beautiful late fall day in Atlanta.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Christmas in Seattle

These are some of the pictures from when my mom and I went to Seattle to celebrate Christmas time.  We went to the amazing King Tut exhibit at the Science Center before heading downtown to Westlake to take in the Christmas Trees, ride the carousel, and do the Duck Tour.  It was so fun and I love sharing time with her!

The Space Needle from the Science Center.

A cute train set up in the Center House.

Beautiful lights at Seattle Center.

The Space Needle reflecting on EMP.

Dinosaurs at the Science Center.

Me riding the Carousel.

The Amazing Christmas Tree Search

We went to a great new Christmas tree farm this year! It was called Hemstroms Christmas Tree farm near Machias, WA.  Not only did we find a great tree, have yummy hot chocolate, but Santa was there!!! :) Enjoy the pics!

Mom, Me, Santa, & Darren

Darren doing the dirty work.

Tree Huggers!  The tree farm had some old growth trees that they never cut down because they were amazing! We took the short walk out to them and it was definitely worth it! They were amazing!

The perfect Tree

A beautiful clearing.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas Time is upon us and I love it! This time of year is only made more special by sharing it with the people you love.  I was so lucky to see so many people I love while I was in WA.

Darren and Vinny playing beneath the Tree.

Loki and Freija observing the majestic tree.

Darren and me in the kitchen working hard. :)

 Fairhaven decorated so cutely.

New Puppy : Freija

My mom just got a new puppy!! She is an Olde English Bulldog. She named her after the Norwegian goddess of love Freija. She is such a doll. She has the greatest colors and she is so cuddly!!!

Isn't she just the cutest little thing.

She is one lucky puppy - this is the most amazing mom in the world.

Puppy chaos!

Tired puppies - Freija and Loki

Freija and me cuddling

Loki and Freija sharing a bone.

Mikey and Freija being cute and cuddly.

What a happy puppy!

Me with the two puppies before my mom chose one.

Freija repping for WSU cougs!

Back in Washington

I got to head back to Washington for Thanksgiving for two weeks.  It was an amazing time to be with the people I love most. I had so much fun catching up with people.  I made sure to share lots of time with Darren and Vinny. My two most important boys.  I also got lots of great time in with my mom.  It was an amazing trip and I miss them already.

A nice solo kayak ride in the lake.

The quilt we made for baby Roslyn.  Ross and Amber are expecting their sweet baby girl on January 3rd.  I hope she comes early, when I am home for Christmas! I embroidered the D and the duck! The blanket turned out so great!!

Me and the Boys! Vinny and Loki!

Me and my little cuddle bug, Vinny.

Meeting Irene's cute baby boy Michael.

Some cute cupcakes I made for the baby shower.

Me and my little Vinny.

A beautiful sunny afternoon in Bellingham, WA.

Bellingham Enjoyed

These are some pics from my time spent back visiting Bellingham.  All the leaves have fallen, but the same came out to say hello to me.  These are some of the great shots from Bham.

Beautiful view of Bellingham Bay from Boulevard Park.

A calm day out on the bay.

 The laves have all fallen.

A night out with Friends

Me and Darren.

Beautiful Bellingham Bay