Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cape Cod Adventure

Andrea set out on our Cape Cod adventure in the late afternoon.  We headed south from Boston and wanted to make our way all the way to Provincetown. Also known as P-town to some of the locals and people who like to frequent this vacation spot.  Cape Cod did not disappoint.  It was beautiful and the beaches took your breath away.  Although Provincetown felt a bit like a ghost town in the winter, it was charming, and we look forward to going back when it is a bit warmer out.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The beautiful view at Race Point Beach. North of Provincetown, and on the ocean side of the cape.

The beach looking northwest.

Andrea scribing our nicknames 'Shazza & Dre" into the sand.

Me, so happy to be at the beach.

Beautiful Andrea in the sunlight.

The rock jetti in Provincetown - lighthouse in the distance.

The Provincetown Library.

A beautiful Cape Cod sunset.

Me & Dre enjoying our time at the cape.

Harvard & Cambridge

Harvard is quite close to Boston.  I never knew that until Andrea took me to Cambridge.  We took the subway from Chinatown out the Cambridge and toured around the Harvard campus.  It was such a beautiful and charming place.  The big buildings and the exquisite architecture felt like it raised my IQ just by being in their presence.  We celebrated our visit to Harvard by having some margaritas. :)

The Harvard Library

The beautiful campus.

Our brain food for the trip - yummy Mexican food.

Best Friends Reunited

I haven't seen Andrea for over a year.  I try to talk with her as often as I can, but since she moved to Boston I haven't had a chance to visit her.  She is able to make West coast trips sometimes but sometimes our time there doesn't overlap.  I was so excited to visit her in Beantown.  She has been living in Boston for over a year now going to law school.  She still has about a year and a half to go. It was so great to see her.  it really rejuvinated me, and made me feel so happy to share time with her.  Since the first day I met this girl, we have said we were best friends.
We are soul mates.

Me & Andrea out and about.

Photos in the mood staircase.

Getting ready to go out.

So happy to be back together.

Shazza & Dre

Boston Library Love

One of my favorite places in Boston that Andrea and I went to was the public library.  It was architecturally brilliant filled with art and history.  I took lots of pictures here on our short visit. Enjoy.

The outside of the Boston Public Library

The large study hall.

Us girls in the courtyard.

Andrea and her new frend. ;)

The entrance stairs protected by the lions. Such an amazing place.

Hello Boston

This was my very first time to Boston.  I am lucky that my best friend lives there now, while going to law school.  When we saw each other in the airport we were both quickly brought to tears.  It was so great to hug her and be reunited with her again.  It had been over a year since I have seen her. Although it was much colder in Boston than in Atlanta, at least the sunshine followed me there. Here are some pics from my first few days in Beantown. Overall I got to visit Andrea for 10 days.

Welcome to Boston!

Beautiful day in the Boston Common.

Found a new favorite treein the Boston Garden.

So happy to be back together.

Down by the bay at Christopher Columbus Park.

Down by Boston Harbor - where the tea incedent happened.

A very snowy morning in the Boston Common.

Historical sites along the Freedom Trail.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

See You Soon Georgia

I've packed up my stuff and I'm getting ready to leave Atlanta to head to Boston. Although my time in Atlanta is not over, here are some pics from the rest of January there.

Beautiful Lake Clara Meer in Piedmont Park

Perfect winter day in Midtown.

Perfect path.

Instagram: sharrona

Lucian & Jacob going for a ride in the Jeep.

Utilizing my train track engineering skills.

A visit to Zoo Atlanta to see the cuddly lions.

Peering at the Komodo Dragon

Goin' country. At HorseTown to buy some boots.

The winners.

Our amazing dinner out at the Sound Table in the Old Fourth Ward.

Taking in the city at night.