Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was a perfect relaxing Spring weekend. It was my last full weekend in Atlanta because I leave next Sunday to head back to Washington. The weather here was perfect which means iced lattes and relaxing on the porch.  Although I'm looking forward to going home, I'm very sad to leave.  Saying goodbye to my German family is always hard. But I'm excited to head home and see family, Darren & Vinny.

Pretty exciting - first time a barista have ever spelled it right!  :)

New Starfish Bracelet - it is actually white though, looks a little blue here.

Perfect sandals for the PNW - got at consignment shop for $8 - Steal!

Taking a selfie - Good hair day. :)

Hotlanta living up to its name - even at 8:00 at night.

Beautiful nature in the Spring - Garden Hills Park


A Stunning Spring

Spring is  quickly becoming my favorite season in Atlanta. Everything has turned to a perfect shade of green. Flowers bloom early as the sun starts to warm up. We went to the Botanical Garden again this week and it is such a perfect place to soak in all of that Spring in Georgia has to offer.

A perfect place to rest.

Plants of all types and colors blooming.

These trees still need their leaves.

The last batch of tulips at the Botanical Garden -
 I'm guessing they lasted because they were in the shade...

Me and Lucian.

An instagram shot of the garden.

Floating flowers and their reflection.

A secret garden.

Looking out over Bull Sluice Lake at Morgan Falls Park.

The new exhibit at the Botanical Garden - 
Featuring larger than life creatures.

Reflecting on Spring.

Puppy Love

One thing I can tell you for certain, I miss my puppy.  It feels like a part of me is missing when my little shadow is not with me.  I so look forward to seeing him again in the next few weeks.
Here are some old pics - and one new one with his cousins Loki and Freija. Love my Vinny.

Vinny being precious.

Vinny being the rockstar that he is.

Vinny loves boating!!!

The many faces of cute.

Family is the best. Vinny, Loki, & Freija.

Me and Vinny - Christmas 2012.

Monday, April 15, 2013

University of Georgia

Since living in Atlanta I have become quite the Bulldog fan.  Not sure if it is because my family has two beautiful Olde English Bulldogs, or because its such a great university with a great fan base. I have always wanted to go to Athens and the country concert was a great excuse to go. Here are some beautiful pics of the campus and a silly one of me and the mascot.
Bulldog nation!

Beautiful Campus

Me and the adorable Bulldog.

Spring has arrived in Athens.

Me on campus.

A silly note from Hairy.

The sun setting on UGA and the crowd going wild for Luke.

Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean & Jake Owen

It is no secret that I am a fan of country music.
Living in the south is the perfect place to live to hear lots of it and from the locals. Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean are both Georgia boys. This concert was held on the University of Georgia campus in Sanford Stadium.  This is the first concert to have ever been held in the stadium.
The concert was amazing!!!!

The stage is set - Everyone so excited!

The huge turnout for the concert - 65,000 people.

Me & Donna.

Country boys - the shirt I got.

Luke Bryan singing his heart out.

Still rockin' even after sundown.

Jason and Luke duet.

And then the sun goes down on Sanford Stadium and UGA.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Beautiful Botanical Garden

Spring and plant life is abounding in Atlanta. 
 We had another beautiful Spring day and we spent it at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. 
Everything is finally sprouting leaves and blooming.  
The Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places in Atlanta.  It sits right near Midtown, but feels worlds away. Every season brings new plants and themes at the Garden.  We saw lots of tulips and daffodils this time. If you're ever in Atlanta looking for a peaceful place to soak in Mother Nature's finest, be sure to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Welcome to the Garden.

Floating sidewalk through the trees.

Beautiful white and purple pansies.

Floating Daffodils.

Bright Tulips.

Orange & Yellow Blooms.

Spring is here.

Inside the rainforest.

Reflecting on the pond.

These trees need some leaves!

Me, Lucian & Jacob.

What a great day at the Botanical Garden!!