Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Card Time...

Been working on which Christmas card to use this year, still trying to figure it out.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a day with family, friends, and good food. I am so thankful for all I have been blessed with.  I have a loving family, amazing friends, who are always there for me through anything.  A boyfriend who fills my heart with joy.  A dog who makes me feel so loved. A roof over my head, clothes on my body, and food on the table.  I am also very thankful for my health and education.
  I feel so blessed, and am so thankful for everything and everyone God has blessed into my life. 
 God is good.

 Our table setting for Thanksgiving.

 Baby Cameron & Me - 2 Months old

Cute little Vinny

Me and my baby Vinny reunited.

Loki giving me some serious side-eye.  :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Regina Spektor Concert

Steffi and I went to a Regina Spektor concert. 
Not only is she an amazing artist, but she was amazing live.
I highly recommend trying to see her live and downloading her new album!!

Amazing stage set up.

The Tabernacle

My concert outfit.

A view from above.
The beautiful Theater.

An amazing concert!

Inspired from Home

Some pics from home - where the heart is.

Darren out fishing again.
My mom taking the boys out for a walk.

Darren sent me this of a beautiful place he was out fishing.

The cute cousins - growing up together.

Another Day in Nashville

We spent another day enjoying all that Nashville has to offer. We visited the Parthenon again, and saw the river park as well.  Then listened to some live music down on Broadway. I also got to go to The Grand Ole Opry, at the Ryman Theatre.  It was so amazing to be a part of such an integral part of music history.  I very much liked Nashville!

 Steffi & Lucian at the Parthenon

The crowds down on Broadway.
Walking around in beautiful downtown Nashville
The Cumberland River.

Nashville History

The Grand Ole Opry - Friday, November 9

The Ryman Theater.

Bright Lights in Music City.

Lucian showing mom the Parthenon.

Vince Gill at the Grand Ole Opry.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Capitol & Park

We visited the Capitol and a great park called Fannie Mae Dees Park

The amazing artwork at a great park!

The column ruins at the Capitol building make for great playing and pictures.

The view from the Capitol.

The beautiful Capitol building.

Downtown Nashville

Some pics from our time in downtown Nashville.

 The Titans Football stadium on the Cumberland River.

 A Fort on the Cumberland River.

 Elvis in Music City.

 The Cumberland River.

Riverwalk Park.

Bridgestone Arena - Nashville Predators - Ice  Hockey.

Centennial Park & Parthenon

We headed to Centennial Park