Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Fun

Easter came so quickly this year! can't believe its already here.  Lucian had a lot of fun doing Easter egg hunts with his friends Quinn and Jacob. I love Easter because it means the start of Spring and gives meaning to life.  Easter egg hunts were always my favorite when I was little so it was so fun to do them with Lucian too.  I've included some cute photos of my family and niece.  My mom and Amber went out to pick out a special dress for Roslyn just for Easter.  She is growing up so fast!!!

Lucian having so much fun finding eggs.
Searching, searching, searching.

Enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful Spring day.

My beautiful niece on her first Easter.

My mom, brother, niece, and puppy back home sending me all their love on Easter.

Me & Lucian having a wonderful Easter.

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