Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Parks, Playgrounds and Fountains, oh my!

We had a lot of fun today exploring Chastain Park and The Legacy Fountain at Piedmont Park. Chastain Park is said to be the biggest park in Atlanta, however I think because a very large portion of it is a golf course.  However, it did have a very nice playground that Lucian loved.  We also made our way over to Piedmont Park to check out their Legacy Fountain.  It was a beautiful fountain that felt good to be cooled off in. Every day it is quite warm here. My phone usually says its about 80* but to me it feels waaay hotter.

Beautiful Chastain Park

Lucian & Me on the swings at Chastain.

 The Legacy Fountain at Piedmont

Lucian liked watching the fountain, but he didn't want to run through it.

Beautiful flowers at Piedmont.  We saw huge bees and pretty butterflies.

Lucian & Me at Piedmont


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