Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Buckhead Livin'

Today we took a walk today around our neighborhood. 
Not only is the architecture so cute, but the neighbors are all so nice!
 I love the southern style of houses, and yards.  Even the insides of the houses are regal with white columns, crown molding, and brick.  The house we live was built in 2005, but has floors saved from the home before from the 1930s. The neighborhood we live in is called 'Buckhead Forest'. 
It is a great neighborhood in the area of Buckhead. When we were on our walk, we met lots of kids down the street who invited us to come down and play with them, even share their bulldozers and diggers with Lucian.  Overall, it seems like a great place to live, and I'm definitely enjoying it so far.

Love the red door & the picket fence.

Love this house!


A cute church playground right by where we live.

 Lucian and Abby - "Look I'm upside down." :)

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