Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hallanger, Norway

Hallanger, Ulvik, Hordaland, Norway.
 I've always been interested in where my family came from. Going to Norway and Sweden is definitely on my bucket list. Today volunteering at church, my dad's uncle told me how Hallanger used to be its own country on a Fjord before being taken over by Norway. I didn't find much besides a tiny, tiny little area beneath a great hiking trail called Hallanger. Luckily, someone has a hiking blog where I found beautiful pictures!!
Enjoy the heritage! 

If you look close you can see the tiny, tiny, tiny, village of Hallanger at the bottom of the mountain.

This is a view from Hallanger looking down the Fjord.

This is a beautiful shot of Hordaland, the county that Hallanger is in.

This is a view of a couple buildings in Hallanger, and a trail that I definitely need to go hike.

A beautiful view of Ol' Hordaland.

Once at the top of the mountain their is a view looking down at Hallanger. Gorgeous place! Seeing as though this is my name, it is my heritage I have to go there!!!!!
My mom and I were hoping to go to Norway and go on a cruise!! Maybe next summer!!

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Unknown said...

My name is Scott Hallanger. My Great Grand Dad came from there in about 1872. He was not the oldest son, so he had to go out into the world. Him and his two brothers came over, settled in Dakota County Minnesota. Have a nice day. Cousin Scott