Friday, January 04, 2013

Stone Mountian - Snow Mountain

Snow in Georgia!! Wow!  But alas, it wasn't real snow, but it was pretty close to the real thing. The snow machine went off about every five minutes.  Lucian and I got to go on an adventure to Stone Mountain. The snow to play in, but the cute little village at Stone Mountain was just as fun listening to holiday music and the beautiful lights.. And it was a bearable day out in the snow, because it was 65* --- so much fun!!

Lucian and me in front of the castle!

 Stone Mountain Park

Lucian and Jacob being adorable.

Some great decorations at the park.

This bubble man was amazing!!! So fun to watch him!

A great view of the mountain and the boys digging in the snow.

The big sledding hill.


You can see the gondola that takes people to the top of the mountain & the snow machine.

The boys hugging goodbye after a fun day at the park.

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