Friday, January 04, 2013

Botanical Garden

Although the Botanical Garden wasn't as thriving in December as in September, it was still a beautiful place to visit. The boys had lots of fun at the Garden and on the playground, and watching the fountains. There was a great train set up for the holiday season!

Boys being cute.

Beautiful glass fountain at the Botanical Garden.

The beautiful poinsettia tree.

Some winter flowers.

It was 72* out - warm enough to take off my sweater for a couple of minutes. :)

The amazing train set up that the boys loved so much!

An awesome view in the rainforest room at the Botanical Garden.

Overall, I would say the Botanical Garden is an amazing place to visit in Atlanta and I highly reccomend it for anyone visiting.  But especially in the Spring and Summer when all of the flowers are out in full bloom.


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