Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oldies, but Goodies

  I spent a big part of the last month cleaning out all of my belongings. Its been summer cleaning instead of spring.  I found some things that I've kept over the years which made my heart feel happy.
A couple of these photo magazines were my grandparents.  My grandpa owned a photo-finishing business and I was the model in their ads. Pretty cool to be swimming in my aunt's pool one day and then the next be in a magazine.
Also gotta love being in Barbie magazine.  I remember when I got that magazine I was so happy and so excited. And obviously I still have it after all these years. Another neat find was all my art from my high school art classes.  We were to find an image in a magazine and try to re-create the image in a different medium. 
I also found a picture of my brother, me, Lacey, and Danielle at the Experience Music Project (EMP) where you can go on stage and rock out while they take your pictures. Good memories!
My most heartfelt find was a big poster my mom had made for me when I had come home from my trip to Europe when I was in high school.  She is the sweetest most heartfelt person I know. 
I love finding old things like these that remind me how much I am loved, and how much I love the people in my life. And even though I have lots of stuff saved, I know its not just because I am a pack-rat, but because I truly love the memories, people, and experiences they remind me of.

 I'm a model! Learning how to swim.

 Wow, I really used to love playing with my Barbies!

 This magazine means so much to me because my grandpa even wrote in it.

 Some art from high school

 Gotta love this. I'm rocking out on the keyboard.

Such a sweet thing to do for me!

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