Wednesday, August 14, 2013

4th of July

I very much enjoy 4th of July.  I get to share the whole day with family and friends.  This year the weather was perfect! Usually the 4th can sometimes be cloudy or too cool. But this year it was perfect!! It was Roslyn's first 4th of July, which was very exciting.  But it as also her 6 month birthday!! My niece is growing up so fast! Too fast if you ask me.  I made some festive cupcakes to celebrate the day, and spent the day with the people I love most. 
Hope you all are having a great Summer!

 Me with my Niece Roslyn.

 My sweet red, white and blue cupcakes that look a bit like tye dye.

 Darren and Roslyn being too cute!

 Me and my Maltipoo Vinny.

 The sun sets time for fireworks!

 Pretty sure Vince liked my cupcakes. :)

Happy Birthday America!

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