Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cape Cod Adventure

Andrea set out on our Cape Cod adventure in the late afternoon.  We headed south from Boston and wanted to make our way all the way to Provincetown. Also known as P-town to some of the locals and people who like to frequent this vacation spot.  Cape Cod did not disappoint.  It was beautiful and the beaches took your breath away.  Although Provincetown felt a bit like a ghost town in the winter, it was charming, and we look forward to going back when it is a bit warmer out.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The beautiful view at Race Point Beach. North of Provincetown, and on the ocean side of the cape.

The beach looking northwest.

Andrea scribing our nicknames 'Shazza & Dre" into the sand.

Me, so happy to be at the beach.

Beautiful Andrea in the sunlight.

The rock jetti in Provincetown - lighthouse in the distance.

The Provincetown Library.

A beautiful Cape Cod sunset.

Me & Dre enjoying our time at the cape.

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