Sunday, February 21, 2016

Porto Venere aka Portovenere

Porto Venere is a small Italian town on the Ligurian coast.
The village boasts historical churches, a fabulous hilltop castle, great shops, and breathtaking views.  It makes for a great stop outisde of Cinque Terre.
 Take the time to take a dip in Grotto Byron which is so named for Lord Byron who used to spend time at the gorgeous grotto.  The water is clear and warm and has some good snorkeling.
Take a walk up to the Church of St. Peter which boast two historical buildings.  Walk through the cute alley ways that make up the town and browse the cute shops filled with jewelry, pesto, and more.
Enjoy Porto Venere!
- S

The gorgeous view and clear waters of Byron Grotto. Lord Byron used to spend time here meditating and working on his literary masterpieces.

 The view from Church of St. Peter

 Byron's Grotto (Grotto Arpaia)

 View looking up towards Gothic Church of St. Peter

The endless sea of blue below Church of St. Peter.

The gorgeous streets and adorable alleys that make up Porto Venere.

 Shops and restaurants line the marina.

Sunny Day + Gelato = Perfection!!!

Can never have enough of these views!

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