Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Lovin'

 Summer in the Pacific Northwest is the best time of year here. We have been extremely lucky this July to have sunshine almost everyday. Today is the first day it seems a bit dreary outside, but it is still so warm, and not raining yet. 
My days are filled with family. My niece Roslyn is the cutest thing, growing up way too fast. Her 6 months birthday was on July 4th. Its also amazing to see how fast our puppies are growing up as Vinny, my Maltipoo is almost 2 years old!! 
My how the time flies.
Hope you are enjoying your summer.


My perfect Bday present from my bestie Andrea

A yummy Vegan Minestrone I made in my new crockpot.

Amanda meeting Roslyn for the first time.

They all must play with the same stick.

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