Monday, June 10, 2013

Folklife Festival 2013

Every year I like to come down to Seattle for the Folklife Festival.  My mom always does a dance performance and I always like to be there to see that.  The weather also usually agrees when I'm there so I can't complain.  There are so many people that come out to enjoy the best of what Seattle has to offer.  I also got to take the monorail down to Westlake Mall and do some shopping down there. My mom's performance went great and it was a great day down in the city.

Happy people trying to defy the odds at touching the fountain without getting wet.

Me in front of the famous fountain.

People-watchers up about the pavillion.

 My mom and me excited to be at the Festival.

 The beautiful view of the Space Needle at the end of the Festival.

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