Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Stunning Spring

Spring is  quickly becoming my favorite season in Atlanta. Everything has turned to a perfect shade of green. Flowers bloom early as the sun starts to warm up. We went to the Botanical Garden again this week and it is such a perfect place to soak in all of that Spring in Georgia has to offer.

A perfect place to rest.

Plants of all types and colors blooming.

These trees still need their leaves.

The last batch of tulips at the Botanical Garden -
 I'm guessing they lasted because they were in the shade...

Me and Lucian.

An instagram shot of the garden.

Floating flowers and their reflection.

A secret garden.

Looking out over Bull Sluice Lake at Morgan Falls Park.

The new exhibit at the Botanical Garden - 
Featuring larger than life creatures.

Reflecting on Spring.

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