Thursday, October 25, 2012

Darren's Visit

Darren came to visit me in Atlanta for 10 days. These are some of the pictures from his first few days of his visit. We made our way to Sweetwater Brewery for some beer tasting. We had a great Cajun dinner at Mckinnons Louisiana and some fried green tomatoes. After that we tried out some of Buckhead's nightlife. Including Moondogs and The Hole in the Wall Bar. Also Lucian's 3rd Birthday was a highlight too!! 

 Birthday Boy - 3 years old!!

 Yum Yum Chocolate.

 Sweetwater Brewery - Tasting & Brew tour.

 Seeing the beer out at Moondogs.

 Amazing Buckhead Cajun restaurant.

 Fried Green Tomatoes at McKinnon's Louisiane
 Lucian making sure Darren has a heart.  :)

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